Annual Report 2019

EIF 2019 – general

Number of members for 2019: 469

Activities in 2019:

1. Promotions and on-boarding.

  • There have been a series of promotion occasions during 2019. These have mostly been in the Street or Café area. The dates were January 28th and April 10th.
  • EIF participated in a Spring Half Term (sportlov) promotion with various classes and activities.
  • EIF took part in Onboarding for new employees from Borås and Lindholmen on October 8th 2019. We had an extensive display of sports equipment which everyone noticed!

2. Try out Yoga

  • EIF have had try out Yoga which is open to everyone, including non-members. These are planned to continue in 2020.

3. Support at Göteborgsvarvet

  • As usual, EIF staffed the Ericsson tent for the Ericsson Göteborgvarvets runners in May.

4. EIF and Ericsson LN Photo club

  • Ericsson LN Photo club organized a photo competition where one of the categories was “Sport and emotions” (Idrott och känslor). One of the aims was to get new photos for the EIF web pages. An EIF member Ragnhild Paulson won this category!

5. Maintenance

  • Andreas Theodorakopoulos repaired 2 of the older table tennis tables. The third of these older tables, which had wheels missing, was given away via a lottery.
  • EIF thoroughly washed the red mats on June 26th.
  • The storage room in the Sport’s Hall containing the weights, bikes etc is tidied on a regular basis.
  • There is an additional storage area on the 2nd floor garage level. This was tidied in November.


  • In 2019, EIF had 469 members.
    • 246 Gold Members
    • 129 Silver Members
    • 94 Bronze members

  • This is an increase in Gold and Bronze members compared to 2018:
    • 194 Gold Members
    • 131 Silver Members
    • 78 Bronze members

Annual report for Sport Sections:

Alpine skiing



Bodygard (see Group Training)


Cross-country skiing


Road biking




Group Training



Ping pong

Rink Bandy



Yoga (see Group Training)