Bronze membership is needed in order to play Rinkbandy.

EIF offers both regular training sessions, where we meet other teams in friendly games on a rotating schedule (see schedule below) and the possiblity to join Ericsson’s Korphockey Team (Ericsson Islanders) where we play against other teams in the Gothenburg corporate league (Korpen).

The only pre-requisite is basic ice skating skills, we have participants on all skill levels.

It’s a tackle-free game, a certified helmet is mandatory and other protective gear strongly recommended (shoulder pads are normally not allowed unless there are special reasons such as an injury)

The following Rinkbandy training sessions are available from September to April:

  • Mondays or Tuesdays at Ramberget Hockey Rink: 07:00-08:00
  • Fridays at Åby Hockey Arena (Mölndal): 06:30-07:30

Contact Fredrik Gullstrand for more information.