Board meeting 12:th June 2018

Board Meeting 12th June, 2018:

Agenda and Minutes

  • Eriaden
    • Need a link to the excel sheet on the EIF Eriaden page so that the people who have booked can easily see.
    • To do a promotion tomorrow 13th June and 19th June 11-12 next week.
  • Midnattsloppet
    • EIF LN board and Lasse Brosell have decided that we don’t need a tent this year as there are too few participants to motivate the cost of a tent.
  • Liseberg
    • The date is September 8th.
    • EIF board plan to come
      • Poang promenad för barn.
      • Promotion for EIF clubs.
  • Golfbokning
    • Lasse is to do  a temporary domain in orderto do Golf booking.
    • Peter is doing a new Golf page which should be ready sometime next week.
      • LImitation of 4 bookings per day per golf course.
      • Maximum of 13 bookings.
      • Would like each of the 3 Golf courses to have its own booking calender.
  • Yoga equipment for the Autumn

Alma and Jeanette to do an email to board or Björn & Lena