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Green fee deal

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As a member of Ericsson IF Gothenburg, you can buy green fees up to 10 times for 2023 in the following golf clubs: Chalmers and Hulta Golfklubb. The cost is 1500SEK but you must be at least a Bronze member of Ericsson IF. You can also purchase additional 6 green fees for 900SEK when 10 green fees have been used.

You can choose to take a friend or friends with you and use up to 4 of your 10 rounds at once.

Fee for Ericsson employees who have at least bronze membership:
1500SEK  gives you 10 rounds of golf

Fee for consultants:

2000SEK gives you 10 rounds of golf

NOTE You need to be at least a bronze member of Ericsson IF

Seniors from Ericsson:

2000SEK gives you 10 rounds of golf  and bronze membership in Ericsson

Pay to EIF’s  PG 240592-6

Any questions please contact:

Tage Sjödahl: 0733 886236, Mail: 

Schedule 2023

28FridayVårträffenTorslanda GKTL Anders A.
9TuesdaySeries play 1Lycke GKTL Anders A.
23TuesdaySeries play 2Ale GKTL Morgan
30Tuesday Series play 3 Sjögärde GKTL Anders R.
7WednesdaySeries play 4Chalmers GKTL Claes
20TuesdaySeries play 5Partille GKTL Claes
30FridayJuniträffen 18 holesGräppåsTL Morgan
4TuesdaySeries play 6 morningDelsjö GKTL LG
18TuesdaySeries play 7Lysegården GKTL Anders A.
1TuesdaySeries play 8Forsgården GKTL Morgan
15TuesdaySeries play 9Hulta GKTL Claes
23WednesdayRadar CupChalmers GKTL Nils
27SundayKM 18 holesMarks GKTL Morgan
1FridayWCCG TL Nils
5TuesdaySeries play 10Stenungsund GKTL Anders R.
8FridayEriM practice-roundHaverdalEIF gbg
9-10Sat-SunEriMHaverdalEIF gbg
22FridayHöstträffLunna GKTL Anders A.


Vårträffen Torslanda GK


Juniträffen Gräppås GK

Martin C.73

Series play

...Lycke 9/5Ale 23/5Sjögärde 30/5Chalmers 7/6Partille 20/6Delsjön 4/7Lysegården 18/7Forsgården 1/8Hulta 15/8Stenungsund 5/9Totalt
1Clinton D8,073583743677757225
2Lars-Göran N16,082812765737752782753197
3Stig S16,1773784767821761754196
4Johan W15,3782821772694774755176
5Morgan E11,375481378477378145
6Klas B18,1727102685821134
7Claes H18,08384677801802105
8Anders R8,877779383103
9Martin C17,7797757648094
10Anders A22,086847557738284
11Colin T74551
12Ulf P10,7898983223
13Lennart N18,082858318114
14Lars P11,979111
15Pat M21,1868502
16Ola L6,08501
17Jonny A21,09201