— Board meeting 10th December 2019

Present: Zalina, Peter, Christer, Björn, Solveig, Maria, Bengt, Jeanette, Thomas

Agenda: Swish, education, golf, annual meetings, rolling 12 month membership, update membership fees (6 month gold and silver), Yoga

Swish: Bengt need to sign protocol, then it should be ready to be implemented
Education: Question from section leader for running is asking for support to attend a course to a cost of 30 000SEK. Need to investigate the tax implications but a working assumption is to offer 5000SEK and pay him for each training session he perform (at least one year)
Golf: We have agreements with Partille and Chalmers ready. Mölndal removed due to cost.
Annual meetings: The federation meeting moved to 27-28 March (Kumla)
Gothenburg meeting planned 5 March.
Nominating commity to plan forward.
Body Balance: We need an additional instructor to replace Yuki and off load Jeanette. Aldo Bolle asked if interested (and a Chalmers student also) and they are positive. Jeanette to report to board about progress.
Update membership fees (6 month gold and silver): this is only applicable for consultants. The 6 month window generates alot of work and some often doesn´t update the membership. Suggestion to raise the fee with 300SEK to motivate them to take a 1 year membership. Decsision to implement from 1st Jan 2020.
Rolling 12 month membership: Björn will inform Lars Brosell to update Benify to reflect the rolling 12 month membership fee.
Yoga: Alma has not the possibility to manage the extra yoga activity. The cost is 5000SEK for 5 events. Maria will take this with the site.
Open for all at the site (not only members)