Board meeting 8th January 2019

Present: Björn Carlsson, Bengt Osvalder,Eva Lena Kaspersson, Solveig Rosén Kihlström, Peter Andresen, Zalina Aldenborg; Christer Lindstrand, Tage Sjödahl


  • Acquire new treadmills: Björn has received a quote for leasing 3 treadmills. EIF would like to acquire new treadmills. Cost of treadmills is a huge factor.
    AP @ Björn: mail out the quote for the treadmills.
  • Ericsson Ski competition: We have 33 participants from Ericsson LN and we may need to organize transport for them. 
    AP @ Eva Lena: Ask Thomas Kaas if EIF need to be involved to help organizing transport.
  • Ericsson ski trip: Cancellation of ski trip to be discussed with board in future as it generates a lot of work for members that are involved with booking and fees.
    AP @ Björn: Short discussion with organizers of ski trip
  • EIF promotion: EIF promotion day on Monday, 28th January. We will not have handouts, but will use laptops and the screens in the café to promote.
    AP @ EIF board: Include running section leaders for promotion. And any other section leaders.
    AP @ Zalina: send mail addresses of all members from 2018 to Björn so that a reminder of membership renewal can be sent.
    AP @ Björn: Send mail reminder to members to renew membership for 2019.
    AP @ Christer: Promote EIF to Combitech employees working in Ericsson
  • Table tennis: We will acquire 2 new pingpong tables whereof 1 of them will be sponsored by Ericsson AB. We will be responsible for recommending which tables to buy and taking care of them. EIF will pay for 1 table, but purchase to be done by Ericsson AB since they will be able to get tax reductions.
    AP @ Umesh/Andreas: Recommend the tables to get.
    AP @ Ericsson AB: Buy the ping pong tables
  • Health/sport Lectures: We will try to organize health/sport lectures for 2019. Thomas Kaas has sent out a mail to members about what kind of lectures is preferred, with very mixed results.
    AP @ Bengt: Organize the group that will work with lectures.
  • Photo competition for EIF via photo club: EIF will cooperate with the LN photo club to organize a photo competition for EIF. We would like to use the pictures for promotion of our website and organization. This idea is approved by the club and we will start discussions about prize money and topics for the competition
    AP @ Zalina: Drive and organize the photo competition. Include Eva Lena for prize money discussions.
  • Innebandy Ericsson championship: request more details about the competition from Thomas Kaas. Involve innebandy section leader – Niclas.
    AP @ board: Ask Thomas Kaas for details of championship and involve Niclas
  • EIF furniture: We have currently 18 chairs and 5 tables stored at Tage’s home. We need to find storage for them. We may find more storage space after cleaning the pub storage on 31st January.
    AP @ board: Clean the storage and find space for the furniture.