Board meeting Aug 14:th 2018

  1. Liseberg 8 Sep 2018: Maria has finalized questions for quiz and will be sent to Lars Brosell and also share the news on our participation. Björn and Eva-Lena can participate during lisebergsdagen – will try to find more participants.
  2. ERIADEN 21-22 Sep 2018: Eva-Lena and Thomas to cross check the payments to the participant list before paying fees to Lars Brosell.
    Board to collect names of officials and send to Lars
    Thomas to call DJ to check if he is ok…..(not paid in time for his last engagement)
  3. GYM: Request from an organization to book the gym twice a week for team event (08:30-09:15) – duration unknown. The board will let Zalina drive this issue but as a principle decison is that the gym can´t be booked exclusivly.
  4. Members fees: Benify can only handle calendar year. New members after 1:st of September can pay for a bronze membership level with everything included (as gold). The instructor will not be able to check when a person has paid his/hers fee. This will be reviewed beginning of next year
  5. Classes: Andreas (box) will replace body step. Replacement of Majs “gympa”-class when she leave Lindholmen in November is ongoing.
  6. Table tennis: our table tennis tables has been used during the summer and it was appreciated. Lars Florander will to be/might be contacted (Jeanette/Christer)
  7. Badminton: No booking made for 2019 for the time slot we had in 2018 in Herrgårdsskolan so the section leader needs to book another time slot.
  8. Golf-booking system: Bengt and Björn to book meeting with Maria to discuss hove this system shall be managed.
  9. Section leader meeting: the board will try a new format to have more leaders to attend. Suggestion to have a half day meeting + dinner in Gothenburg during the fall and the output will be used in the board meeting.
  10. Participants: Björn, Eva-Lena, Thomas, Maria, Jeanette, Christer, Solveig