Board meeting 14:th May 2019

Present: Björn Carlsson, Eva-Lena Kaspersson, Maria Göransson-Lund, Bengt Osvalder, Thomas Kaas, Solveig Rosén Kihlström, Jeanette Munro, Christer Lindstrand


1. EriM Golf; Nils volunteers to handle the registration and send in the data to Lars Brosell.

2. Göteborgsvarvet; Maria has made some shopping. Björn is responsible to arrange to deliver all needed equipment to Göteborgsvarvet.

3. Sponsring/lecture; Anna Laurell will come to the site 3:rd of June at 11:00 o´clock. Maria is responsible to meet and greet Anna. Björn will present Anna as an introduction.

4. Vårruset: 7 persons took part from EIF

5. Badminton; 30 minutes extended booking – 17:00 to 18:30. Christer will inform Lazlo. Christer also to inform Lazlo to contact Göteborgs stad regarding the state of the nets.

6. Treadmill; No reply from vendor regarding request from us of addtional information. Björn will push.

7. Björn´s country cottage; 18th-19th of June – proposed date. Thomas sent out invitation. Maria will send out a shopping list. Thomas promised to take a swim, Bengt will be watching drinking a beer.

8. Yoga workshop; 4th of May we had a yoga workshop with Lisbeth Wikman. Approx. 16 participants – we want to do this again in the fall. Alma will make this happen 🙂

9. Group training schedule; Meeting held about the group training. New training from Les Mill – Grit, this will replace Step during the fall. We will alternate during the summer.

10. AOB; We should consider getting a Swish number for EIF. Eva-Lena and Björn to investigate (talk to Zalina how to take this further)