We Are

Capoeira group with chapters in Brazil, Australia, Sweden and Finland which forms a part of the global capoeira group Cordão De Ouro, led and founded by Mestre Suassuna. Our branch, Volta Por Cima, is led by Mestre Eurico.

What Is

Capoeira is an afro-brazilian martial art with strong influences from dance, acrobatics, and music. It was born in Brazil from the mixture of many different practices from Africa and native Brazilians.

Today it has spread across the world with millions of practitioners.

Capoeira works all your muscles in a versatile way making you stronger and more flexible. Key components of capoeira are improvisation and interaction between two practitioners.


Train with us at Ericsson LN sports hall, no previous experience required.
Sessions are held by Instrutor Sapão (Aron Högberg +46 702 880 663).

Monday 19:30-21:00
Wednesday 19:30-21:00
Sunday 15:00-16:30

Price: EIF Bronze membership + 800 SEK/semester

EIF contact person: Ameer Faraj

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