Congratulations to all the Winners on EIF promotion day Feb 1 2023

Strongest in Lindholmen

Women (3kg dumbell)                                                Men 4 kg dumbell

Anna Norblad, time 02:16 minutes                             Mikael Lennefors, time 02:24 minutes

Table Tennis Challenge

1. Oskar More Arvidsson

2. Darko Jankovic

3. Daniel Karlsson P

Walking Quiz

Jonas Jerlin

Correct answers in the walking quiz:

  1. What is the name of the ski-resort the Alpine section travel to every December?  Trysil
  2. What does karate mean?  Empty hand
  3. Badminton’s fastest smash in the World was recorded at the speed of:  493 km/h
  4. The yoga pose in the picture was Navasana (Boat pose) 
  5. In which country did table-tennis make its first appearance? England
  6. What is the optimal cadence for efficient running (most accepted frequency)? 180 SPM
  7. What is the record of nationalities represented Vasaloppet (90km)? 70 nationalities
  8. The shortest distance to run from Ericsson LN, cross Hisingsbron, south shore, Älvsborgsbron and back to the office is 15 km
  9. What is the name of Gothenburg’s oldest golf club? Göteborgs GK
  10. Which day of the week can you participate in BodybyGard training in the house (or on-line)? Fridays 12-13
  11. What is a cricket ball made out of? Cork, string and leather
  12. What is the best exercise in reality? The one that is actually done

Utslagsfrågan/Tie breaker question – Number of golf balls hidden in the jar with marbles: 8


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