EIF Board members

Mail the board: board@ericssonif.se

Function: Name: Responsibility:
Chairman Björn Carlsson Management, economy and legally responsible for the publications.
Vice Chairman Maria Göransson-Lund Meeting reservations, golf admin
Cashier Eva-Lena Kaspersson Economy and sponsoring
Secretary Thomas Kaas Calendar, responsible for social media, web master
Member Jeanette Munro Group training, sports access, hall booking admin, add info to the web
Member Zalina Aldenborg Gym, sports and training equipment, membership matrix
Member Tage Sjödahl Golf admin
Member Peter Andresen Website: booking pages, sports and training equipment,
Member Solveig Rosén Kihlström Gym
Member Christer Lindstrand Gym

To contact a sport section leader, please go to ‘Sport Sections‘ for more details.