Annual Report 2019 Group Training Section

Group Training 2019

Number of individuals group training during 2019: 211

Activities and other points in 2019:

1. New instructor for Gympa.

  • Gympa class has a long tradition at Ericsson. Maj Dewir, who has instructed Gympa for many years, retired in November 2018.
  • Jonas Jerlin took over the gympa class. He is doing very well especially since he was also new at being an instructor.

2. Introduction of Les Mills Grit to the training schedule.

  • Zalina Aldenborg, Jeanette Munro, Jonas Nilsson and Peter Andresen went on the Les Mills 2 day Grit training course. They then each sent in a video of a class which was reviewed. All four passed and are certified instructors.
  • There are two classes per week. Wednesdays at 15:10 and Fridays at 08:10.

3. Addition of a BodyBalance class on Wednesdays at 07:15

  • In September, one of our BodyBalance instructors, Yuki Kubota, left Ericsson. We thank Yuki for her years as Body Balance instructor at Ericsson.
  • Zalina and Jeanette, the other Body Balance instructor, have been looking for a replacement. A candidate was registered to go on the Les Mills Body Balance course in January 2020.
  • Since the number of participants for the morning Group training classes has increased, a BodyBalance class was tried on Wednesday Mornings at 07:15. Since, this went well, this class will continue in 2020 as well as the regular one on Thursday at 12:00.

4. Change to code for access to music cupboard

  • Lindholmen site have changed the access to the music cupboard. Previously, access have to be ordered and put on the Ericsson ID cards. Now, there is a code which the group instructors have but should not spread.

5. Headset and mobile phone contact issues

  • During Fall (Autumn) 2019, it has been noticed that the headsets have not been as stable. Even the contact from the sound system to the instructors’ mobile phones has not been totally reliable.
  • Piers Byford replaced the existing contact with a long lead contact which EIF had bought earlier.
  • Aldo Bolle has repaired one of the headsets.
  • During 2020, the goal is to have a solution to these problems.


  • During 2019, EIF have had 754 classes with 211 (different) individuals training. The attendance at those classes was 5079.
  • As can be expected, the lunchtime classes are still the most popular. Body Pump on Friday lunchtimes is the most popular class.
  • Popularity is far from being the only criteria for a class. The aim of EIF Group Training is to have a broad range of classes, both in type and intensity, so that everyone can find something they like or can do.

Yoga 2019

Number of members for 2019: 28

Activities in 2019:

1. Yoga Workshop May 4th 2019 and yoga retreat.

  • On Saturday May 4th, the previous yoga teacher Lisabet Wikman held a workshop from 10:00 to 15:00 with an hour for lunch in the Sports Hall. there were 16 participants.
  • During the Autumn/Fall, Lisabet Wikman also has held a week’s Iyenga Yoga retreat in Neja, Spain. Both Alma and Jeanette participated in 2018 and could highly recommend it to others.

2. External strength training workshop

  • Since many yoga poses require strength, our yoga teacher Tanja Nestorovic together with Patrik Jonsson, a physiotherapist and specialist in Orthopedic Manual Therapy (OMT), have held a series of session which EIF yoga participants can join for extra payment.


  • Yoga classes are divided into two terms Spring and Autumn(Fall). The classes are held on Tuesdays between 8:00 and 09:00.
  • There were 17 participants in the spring term and 21 participants in the Autumn/Fall term.
  • EIF bought blankets for the yoga participants. These are washed and returned when a participant stops yoga.

BodyByGard 2019

Number of members for 2019: 20

Activities in 2019:

The participants in Bodybygard have met 20 Fridays during spring and 18 after summer to exercise and stretch. Classes have been led by our engaging and inspiring instructor Fia Gard from BodybyGard.

The exercises aim at building strength in the deep core muscles, increase flexibility, improve your posture and deepen your body awareness.

Classes are always finalized with breathing exercises and relaxation.

The training is gentle and suits everybody regardless of previous training experience and is perfect for us working in an office environment.


  • BodybyGard classes are divided into two terms, Spring and Autumn(Fall). The classes are held on Fridays between 12:00 and 13:00.
  • There were 18 participants in the spring term and 20 participants in the Autumn/Fall term.