Board meeting Oct 9:th 2018

Present: Björn Carlsson, Bengt Osvalder, Maria Göransson-Lundh, Eva Lena Kaspersson, Solveig Rosén Kihlström, Jenatte Munro, Peter Andresen, Thomas Kaas


  • Yoga: Request to buy blankets to the Yoga pass, cost 160SEK/blanket. Blanket suggested to be lended out and personally responsible that the blanket is returned clean and in one piece. We need 2 blankets/pp, approx 40 blankets = 6400SEK. Decision: Jeanette to present the total cost before purchase.
  • Sponsors: Today Ericsson IF supports up to 600SEK/pp for some activities. Suggested to stop this activity since very few use this opportunity and that today this is managed in BENIFY. To be discuss during the off site.
  • Lecturers: Maria to check with the site to share the cost of a lecturer with the site (jan-feb 2018)
  • Ola Salo: Funds from the Sports Association as a thank you for the voluntary work during 2018 – suggest to go see Ola Salo at Rondo. Maria to check availablilty and dates – and book!
  • ERIADEN: Great success, teams from Poland, Ireland, Romania, Finland, Hungary and Sweden. We set a new standard for Ericsson.
  • Off site discussions
    • Webb demo from the board.
    • Sponsring to be discussed.
    • Cost structure – section by section
    • Clean out “pub-förråd”
    • Responsibilities for board members
    • Promotion 2018
  • Gym, Olympic lifting: Suggested to set up a event around olympic lifts (Cross Fit Kungälv). Decision: Peter to check cost and avilaiblity and present to board.
  • —-